Frame Agreement whit Vattenfall

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Danish Blade Service is proud to announce the signing of a 2-year frame agreement with possible extensions. Danish Blade Service has been providing blade inspections and repair services to Vattenfall for many years and are very pleased to continue this relationship by winning the Frame Work Agreement, amongst colleagues in the business from the UK (Vattenfall announcement in Danish and English to the right).


Danish Blade Service CEO Brian Bendixen says “We see the award as a recognition of many years of quality service and we look forward to expand our business further with Vattenfall. We very much look forward to engage with local Site Managers and blade experts in Vattenfall.”


Brian continues “We find ourselves particular well suited for supporting the offshore wind farms that mobilise out of Esbjerg and east coast Zealand, plus all the onshore wind farms in Northern Europe where our crews travel daily to support customers from Factory Acceptance Tests/End of Warranty Inspections to complicated up tower Anti-Icing/De-Icing repairs”


Vattenfall har indgået rammeaftale med tre virksomheder – Danish Blade Service, James Fischer Marine Service and GEV Wind Power – om vedligeholdelse og reparation af vinger på virksomhedens over 900 hav- og landmøller i England, Danmark, Tyskland, Holland og Sverige. Aftalen, som løber minimum to år, dækker 50 vindmølleparker på land og til havs. I Danmark driver Vattenfall 14 parker med en total kapacitet på cirka 800 MW eller nok til at dække det årlige elforbrug hos 800.000 dansk husstande. De kommende år vil den kapacitet blive fordoblet med færdiggørelsen af Kriegers Flak og Vesterhav Syd & Nord havmølleparker.
 Link to Vattenfall UK’s Press release
Danish Blade Service are expanding at the moment with new repair methods and new geographic areas, and strive to support customers with technology solution that enable repair methods to lessen turbine downtime, quicker repair processes and improve turbine Annual Energy Production with attractive IRR and ROI’s.

Former CCO and coming board member in Danish Blade Service – Kim Wichmann-Hansen says “In 2019 there were spent substantial time on our commercial and technology strategy and partnerships, and Danish Blade Service now begins to see the success of this in combination with strong execution and humble attitude and delivery focus to customers.”

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