Danish Blade Service opens office in Turkey Izmir for MENA area

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Danish Blade Service is proud to announce the opening of our office and company in Izmir Turkey.


The regional office will operate under the name “International Blade Service”(IBS), which is Danish Blade Service’(DBS) brand when setting up offices and companies outside Denmark.


IBS’ regional office in Izmir will be managed by Mert Gün, which has many years of experience in the local wind power market. Mert comes lately from a local leading wind farm operator


In the past year DBS have seen an increasing number of requests from Turkey and other countries in MENA and is now taking the step to also operate locally to support the local wind power industry with blade services.


Regional Managing Director Mert Gün says “ I am very excited to get started with IBS, we already have a number of interesting requests from international and local companies for our services, where we will execute them with local resources plus the specialist support from DBS to ensure top quality and competitive prices.”


In addition to the traditional services of inspection and repair of blades DBS also see a growing demand for Factory Acceptance Test inspections locally with a growing local market in blade manufacturing. Furthermore DBS have a number of special products such as Rotor Performance Improvement that can improve operational life and performance of some of the older asset in Turkey, UV hardening Resin for quick repairs which would be beneficial particular for the turbines placed in mountainous areas in Turkey where you see low temperatures and we look forward to see IBS implementing those locally for the benefit of our customers


Danish Blade Service CEO Brian Bendixen says “In 2019 we strenghtned our focus on Strategy and will consolidate that at Board and Management level. With the extra time spent on our commercial and technology strategy and partnerships, Danish Blade Service now begins to see the success of this in combination with strong execution and humble attitude and delivery focus to customers….IBS is one of these steps”


Feel free to follow DBS on LinkedIn or contact us. Contact details above in the header. Or go directly to IBS homepage www.internationalbladeservice.com