Meaning of Quality

 Principally, as demand for Blade Repairs are growing world-wide rapidly. It is crucial important to keep the services at the highest quality. Therefore, our integrated management system and the vision of sustainability means to us. The important thing in our job is that we perform our services in respect to the Blade Manufacturers and OEM’s work instructions. Absolute customer satisfaction is what we always run after.

Our Quality Management System is certified according to EN ISO 9001: 2008. That refers and allows us to perform service and repair of blades from LM Wind Power, Siemens-Gamesa, Vestas, Nordex-Acciona

 Our People – Our Value – Our Safety

 We are here with our people and we are growing with our people. Hereby, taking care of the employees of us always been the priority. The regular sector wised EHS trainings are being provided to our specialists. Thus, as we are serving globally, we pay the most attention to local regulations.

Moreover, assimilation of the “no risk” policy considered by our top Management to each employee globally. Lesson learned feedback forms and toolbox talks are always been a lifestyle habit for us.

 Environment for Children

 At the present time, we see the importance of the environment is a matter of life or death. In blade service business harming the environment is possible as specific materials and chemicals are required to use. We embrace the aspect of environment for our future for our children to live. We target to have Carbon neutrality by 2030 without any carbon offsets.

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