Blade Repairs & Maintanence :

International Blade Service has employees with +25 years of experience in the industry and an in-depth knowledge about blade repairs. Our customers can thus expect qualified guidance as well as high quality and efficiently performed repairs. Our core certified competences are LM Wind Power, Siemens-Gamesa and Vestas. Moreover, company has already provided services to GE Renewables and Nordex-Acciona.

The range of repair service is literally large. From advance repairs to medium range of repairs can be serviced by our specialists on the optimum duration. Our Blade Repair Services can be made via platform or Rope Access as well. In addition to that for the ground base repairs we are able to provided services by our heated tents.

Just to give you example of our repair references, Lightening Damage Repairs, Laminate Repairs, Repairs Services to Cracks, Leading Edge Erosion Repairs, Tip Splitting case Repairs.

Blade Inspections :

The inspection of a wind turbine blade is curucial important on the turbines lifetime. External and internal inspections on blades are need to be exercised regularly. The period differenciates from OEM to Service provider however we stricly recommend offen regular checks. Our inspection services can be made high technology equipments in order to process customers shortest downtime.

Technical Blade Services :

There can be request on the technical services that our blade specialist backing needed. Therefore we are ready to help with various types of technical solutions upon your need. They are such as LPS System Measurement, Aerodynamic Profile Control, Blade Balancing, Lightening Cards and Glass Transition Temperature (TG) Test Reporting.

Engineering Advice & Consulting :

Failures that observed on the operational blades can be critical and may lead to turbine blade to break down. Thus, this will cause serious damage to turbine and long duration of down-time. Therefore we strictly recommend to get our specialists assesmeent if you cannot determine what that is can lead to at the end. Our point of view will provide optimum cost effective action plan to you case by case.

 Factory Acceptance and Quality Checks :

Our blade specialists whome has a past manufacturing experience will be the reliable partner for your blades in the manufacturing facilities. Quality checks can also be performed before transportation. Moreover, Process Quality Control can be done during the blade sets manufacturing. Balancing Measurements, Lightening Protection, De-Icing system Tests, Painting, Aerofoil Checks, Wrinkle acceptance, Blade repair during production processes and tests can be accompanied by our specilalists. We strongly suggest to our customers that Quality documention should be checked such as PFMA and Non-Conformaties. Archieving and knowing the details what occured on your blades will ensure Customers to feel secure at Operations. Our experience in here starts from Denmark, Spain and Turkey blade manufacturing facilities.

Retrofit & Upgrades :

It is possible to gain more energy from the retrofits that installed on to your Blade. This Upgrade add-ons  secures more energy transformation from its Aerodynamic shape. They are named in the industry “Vortex Generators”,  “Dino Shells”,  “Dino Tails”, “Serrations”, refering to the Blade designer depending on the feature. Leading Edge Erosion Protections, Lightening Protection Measures, Anti-Icing Coating Applications will supply addional benefits to the Turbine Owner’s.

Training Center :

International Blade Service has its own training facilities located in Denmark. In addition, Blade Defect Assesment Course, Blade Inspection Course, Blade Repair Couse, Tailor-Made Trainings is now serviced to every candidate upon their needs. These listed trainings both can be instructed in Denmark or Operators own facilities.

Project Management & Supervising :

Our specialists are on duty to manage and supervise you blade repair campaigns. Further to that we can perform and lead your projects as Owners Engineers. By this, we will be ready to share our cost effective performance.technical knowledge and experience in respect to the materials. Therefore we will be minimising the stop duration on your wind turbines to get maximum value from your repair process.

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